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Chaba Thai Bodywork / Mobile Massage

Suwanna is a skillful massage therapist, her combination of deep tissue massage and stretching always relieves the soreness and tightness in my body after a workout.   I have frequented her business for several years now, mostly after working out with weights or running. I highly recommend Suwanna’s ability to deliver a great massage.   David C. , Avid Weightlifter

I feel so fortunate to have Suwanna as my masseuse. She helps me recover from my weekly hikes in the mountains. She knows a lot of massage techniques and customizes my massage as needed. I feel so much better after seeing her. Joel G. , Pediatrician

Suwanna is a great massage therapist. She really knows what she is doing. She asked what kind of activities I do as part of deciding where she should focus on my body. She hit many right spots and very good pressure. I recommend her to everyone. Scott L.

I'm an endurance cyclist, so massage therapy is important to recovery for me...Suwanna is a top notch therapist who really listens to what you need, and has the expertise to help heal those sore spots and aid recovery. For me it's all about hamstrings, calves and quads, and she uses some amazing stretching techniques in addition to massage to help flexibility a ton. Believe me, when you find someone who knows what they're doing it makes a huge difference... it's exactly what I need, especially after a tough effort! If you're an athlete, I highly recommend giving Caring Touch a try! Vince V.

This is a real professional massage here unlike many massage places that you wonder through the whole session if their therapist really had proper training. Suwanna is really good. It is amazing how she is able to apply perfect pressure and know where I need it. One of my favorite therapist. I know I won't be disappointed when I come here.  Jasmine A. , Registered Nurse

The Best Massage! Really.

I must say I do not write reviews often, but when I do it is because of the exceptional value of the service.  In this case Caring Touch Massage Therapy (CTMT) rocks! I've been to many brand name massage services, but CTMT really raises the bar.  Exceeds my expectations each visit.  Here is why.  

The massage room is very nice and comfortable.  Su's technique is the best I've ever expereinced.  She is versed in several modalities and even mixes them up to provide the ultimate massage. She uses a very warm oil which feels wonderful while she works out the kinks.  She applies the pressure you prefer (I like medium) and is very intune with your body.  I nearly fall asleep every time.  She can also do Thai stretches which I do once in a while.  She is very good and knowledgeable about that technique. I highly recommend you give it try.  What is even better is Su is always learning new techniques and incorporating them into her repertoire. I like people who want to always improve.  I highly recommend Caring Touch Massage Therapy.  Give it a try you won't be disappointed.  Enjoy! Mike C.